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MARINAS & CO. BUILDERS, INC (MCBI), is construction company engaged in General Construction, Construction Management, Structural Engineering and Other services. It was first established in 2009 of now current President and CEO ENGR FELICIANO G MARIÑAS JR in cooperation with a team of dedicated Engineers, Architects and Designers coming from all over the world with diversified experiences.

Our Mission..

To provide high quality and honest services to our client with employees who are mitivated with honesty, integrity and hard work.

MCBI's reasons for existence are to:

  • Satisfy our customer's needs and wants with our projects that are within schedule, specifications and budget.
  • Maintain and sustain our PCAB "AAA" category and our quality and management system; and,
  • Continuously enhance our financial management system, business controls and regulatory compliance.

Our Vision..

To be one of the most competitive contractors and provider of the most innovative building technology in the industry.

With our professional business culture and good reputation, we see a stable MCBI contributing to the construction industry and country's economic prosperity.

Our Core Values..


  • Highly motivated employees committed to achieve company's goals.


  • As a trusted advisor, everything we do is valued by our clients.


  • Balance is in place to retain a proactive organization that our clients and employees.


  • We always act with integrity through honesty, fairness and accountability.

In order to achieve our Vision and Mission, MCBI shall:

  • Continue to have a strong, goal-oriented and transparent leadership system;
  • Motivate and put value on our employees as well as clients;
  • Ensure that our employees are competent, committed and productive;
  • Properly plan for business growth, better project management and innovation and make modern technology adaption and process improvements

Our Goals..

To become a stable construction company so we can provide a better , safe and fair institution to individuals and partners under MARIÑAS & CO. BUILDERS, INC managements in leadership.